Stockphoto of Bedridden ME Patient

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“Stock Photos” of People with ME/CFS

For Press Usage

The German Association for ME/CFS now offers 32 professional photos (14 photos in variations) for the use in media articles, which adequately depict the reality of people living with ME/CFS.

Often, photos used in articles about ME/CFS do not show the heavy burden of the disease – instead, tired business professionals or sleeping people are shown. To provide journalists with disease-specific images, the German Association for ME/CFS in 2021 collaborated with photographer Lea Aring and two people with ME/CFS in photo shootings.

The images show a female and male person who suffer from severe ME/CFS. The photo shootings took place at their homes and include their aids such as noise cancelling headphones, eye masks or wheelchairs, that emphasize the severity of the disease. Tools like that are commonly used to cope with hypersensitivity to noise and light or the limited ability to walk.

In 2022 we have we teamed up with photographer Sergej Preis and added 13 more images to the existing press photos. The new pictures depict an adolescent/young adult with ME/CFS and her mother/carer.

We would like to give special thanks to the people with ME/CFS and the photographers Lea Aring and Sergej Preis, who did a fantastic job and kept the stress level at the shooting to a minimum.

You can find all images here (high quality jpg) and here (very high quality tiff).

Photo credits:
"Name of photographer and German Association for ME/CFS". The name of photographer can be found in the file name of the photo.

Licence info:
The images can be used for editorial purposes about ME/CFS only (online and print). They can be used for newspapers, magazines and print publications. No private use. For other purposes please contact:


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